SFLC Lesson Plans

Parents are an important part of the learning process. Reinforcing the lessons that your child learns at school everyday can help further the learning experience. At School For Little Children we want you to be engaged with what your children are learning. We are now posting the lesson plans online so you will know the topics, activities and lessons your children are learning. So take a moment and download the lesson plans for your child's class and be more involved with your child's day at SFLC!

Click the links below to download the latest lesson plans in PDF format. You will need Adobe Reader in order to open the newsletter. You can download Adobe Reader for free here.


Ms. Bev, Ms. Donna, Ms. Eileen and Ms. Martha - Room 100 - December Lesson Plans

Ms. Bohyeong, Ms. Azra and Ms. Jackie - Room 101 - December Lesson Plans

Ms. LeeAnn, Ms. Jackie, Ms. Azra and Ms. Melissa - Room 102 - December Lesson Plans

2 Year Olds

Ms. Lynette & Ms. Eloisa - Room 104 - December Lesson Plans

Ms. Koch, Ms. Lauren, Ms. Alicia - Room 105 - November Lesson Plans

Mrs. Mac, Mrs. Markstahler, & Mrs. Cottingham - Room 107 - December Lesson Plans

3 Year Olds

Mrs. Davis - Room 106 - Novmeber Lesson Plans

Mrs. Melvin & Mrs. Janek - Room 108 - December Lesson Plans

Mrs. Campbell - Room 109 - December Lesson Plans

Mrs. Lutz - Room 111 - November Lesson Plans

4 Year Old

Mrs. D’Agnolo - Room 110 - December Lesson Plans

Mrs. Farmer - Room 112 - December Lesson Plans

Mrs. Dooley - Room 113 - December Lesson Plans

Mrs. Mitchell - Room 115 - December Lesson Plans

Bridge Class

Mrs. Rey - Room 114 - December Lesson Plans